Friday, June 29, 2012

start the weekend early

 TGIF! looks like it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend ahead, and i'm excited to spend it on the lake, in the sun, bbq-ing, and hopefully sipping on my all-time favorite cocktail: the cucumber collins. 
image via We Are Not Martha
these bad boys are a delicious combination of gin, cucumber, lemon, and mint, with all the refreshing qualities i look for in a summertime drink. not too sweet, not too bitter, juuuuust right. the cool cucumber collins is my inspiration for today's weekend party outfit post...cheers!
1. dress by Tibi 2. all jewels by J.Crew 3. sandals by Rosegold 4. bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

let's hear it for the snail

in my post-undergraduate life, the reality of keeping in touch with the people i love becomes more and more difficult as we spread out across the country. one of my favorite ways to let people know i'm thinking about them is the simple gesture of writing a handwritten note. it takes about five minutes total (writing, addressing the envelope, putting on the stamp, sticking it in the mail) and it makes way more of an impact than a text. 

pretty in pink with Crane & Co.  classic, but peppy with the bright envelope and gold trim.

Inslee by Design is one of my favorite fashion illustrators online. lucky for us she makes ADORABLE notecards and stationery so you can send your friends a little bit of chic (or keep them for yourself!)

Lilly Pulitzer has some amazing paper products (i was obsessed with her agenda's when i was in school). these marching elephants are super fun and you can personalize with your name in the yellow stripe if you want.

i like this monogrammed notecard by Kate Spade: it's simple, appropriate for pretty much anyone, and still colorful. 

growing up in the green world of vermont, i was obviously attracted to the whimsical forest animals on this  Rifle Paper Co. card.

as you can see, the great thing is there are so many different kinds of note cards it's easy to pick one out for any friend or family member (or not so easy if you're like me and could spend hours getting distracted in the card section). besides... who doesn't love getting something via snail mail?! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

under my umbrella

(ella, ella, eh, eh) well, not quite. but it has been raining for the past couple days straight (what else do you expect of a new england summer!?) so i decided to post about my favorite rainy day outfit. all you need is a good pair of wellies (i like the classic hunters because they seriously go with EVERYTHING), a sweater to layer (sometimes a rain jacket is too stuffy), and some jazzy earrings to brighten up the grey day. what are your go to pieces for inclement summer weather?
1. Jcrew Linen Beach Cardigan 2.Madewell tee 3.Topshop leggings 4. Kate Spade earrings 5.Hunter wellies 6.Target bubble umbrella'

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


hi there! i'm genevieve (vin is the handsome man you see pictured) and welcome to c'est la vie-ver: my little blog documenting life, personal style, and hopefully some fun adventures. thanks for stopping in and do come again!