Sunday, September 30, 2012


one of my favorite quotes-- for inspiration after a rainy weekend.

image via my pinterest.

Monday, September 24, 2012

to-do lists

photo taken by my sister
this weekend marked the beginning of a new season officially, and with that, i feel it's appropriate to make a list of goals to accomplish in the upcoming months. i've always felt that fall time meant getting back to business and buckling down after the easy-going summer months have passed, and i've always been a little obsessed with making here goes!

-- read at least three books (i never seem to have enough time to read any more, and it's one of my favorite things!)
-- make time to send handwritten notes to friends and family who are far-flung across the states
-- take full advantage of the beautiful landscape of new england and continue to hike and camp on days off from work (even as it gets colder!)
-- run a half marathon in november (and train for it!)
--save more money!
--prepare for the big move to colorado by editing my possessions to only things i love, and keep looking for jobs out west!

do you set goals as the seasons change? what's on your list of things to do?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

inspired by: lorry newhouse

Olivia Palermo is one of my biggest fashion icons of the moment, and so of course i frequent her blog for style tips and inspiration. last night i was catching up with her take on New York Fashion Week, and loved the blurb on Lorry Newhouse's barbie-esque collection for next spring. i found her ready-to-wear collection to be like the confetti sprinkles on an overly frosted cake: sweet, decadent, and decidedly girly. but hey, i do love my pink and sparkles, absolutely loved the bright pumps paired with each look, and really would love to rock awesome sunnies like the ones she featured, so this collection is definitely an inspiration i'll be channeling come springtime. 

on a side note, if i ever have a daughter, i will definitely be painting her childhood room in a similar fashion to the wallpaper see here. so cute and whimsical!

all images via here

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


by nature, my style trends toward feminine, classic design, with a touch of eclectic and rustic pieces thrown in there. (that sounds kind of confusing...but it's what i love) a perfect example of this is my love of exposed, rough cut beams for the interiors of homes. i think it stems from my fascination with farmhouses and barns (i do live in new england after all!)

i think the mix of delicate, feminine details juxtaposed with the hearty, masculine beam in the third image is a great example of the style i try to exude, both with fashion and with interior decor. do you enjoy exposed beams as much as i do? 

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

perfect pout

for the past few months (well, years really, but who's counting?), i've been trying to come up with a skin care/makeup routine that suits my problematic skin and doesn't take hours to get through. i've come to the point where i'm fairly satisfied with basics of my regime (save for a little bit of tweaking that needs to happen) and am trying to switch gears to the fun side of makeup. i've been experimenting more and more with lipsticks because i don't like the long process of putting on eye shadow, and frankly i think lipstick colors are just more playful and it's easier to make a statement with them. i found my favorite shades (all by NARS), but worry that sometimes lipstick looks too done up or heavy. Any suggestions for a girl new to the lipstick world? and how exactly do i get them to stay on my lips for more then an hour?!
i love how Roman Holiday and Red Lizard pop with my coloring, and Honolulu Honey and Belle de Jour are great for casual everyday wear, i've even been pairing them with NARS lip glosses for added depth.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

tunes for tuesday: mumford & sons

new mumford & sons music make me a very happy camper. i listened to their last album about a million times and never got sick of it. hopefully this new one (out september 24!) will be just as good!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

feeling foxy

fun fox prints are popping up all over the place this fall, and i would love to be curled up with these sly little fellows as the days get shorter and leaves start to crunch under my feet.

cozy wool fox sweater// bright earrings for a pop of color// striped pencil skirt and solid tights// riding boots to pull the look together// whimsical pouch for odds and ends

Friday, September 7, 2012

inspired by: balmain

yesterday, i finally got the chance to peruse my copy of Harper's Bazaar fall runway report, and i fell immediately in love with Balmain's collection, inspired by a FabregĂ© egg. so luxe, so detailed, and so, so beautiful. 

all images via here

it seems to me that opulence and sparkling embellishment are all the rage for the coming season. how would you recreate this trend for the autumn? i would wear cool embellished shorts, a subtle sparkly sweater, black wedge booties, and an awesome motorcycle jacket.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

haute hiking

as seen here, one of my favorite ways to spend time is hiking around the woods. lucky for me, i live near to both the green mountains and the adirondacks, so finding fun hiking trails isn't too hard. one of my goals for the upcoming year is to do more overnight backpacking and explore other mountain ranges i haven't had the chance to see yet. 
pumped up at the start of an awesome hike in utah. can't wait to do more of this!
hiking (and outdoor activities in general) are not often considered particularly fashionable endeavors. however, i'm here to tell you that there are a lot of really cute (and still practical) gear that will make your nature adventure much more comfortable and therefore more fun. 

1. this jacket by Arc'teryx is great for fall hiking because it is both breathable (for the ascent) and warm (for chilly breezes at the summit). Arc'teryx gear is really light to carry and packs down pretty small if you end up getting too hot while you hike up.
2. a classic swiss army knife can help with many sticky situations, and it's smart to always keep one (as well as a first aid kit) in your pack in case of emergencies.
3. a durable daypack like this one from Gregory is a hiking must have. It should be able to carry extra layers, water, snacks, bug repellent, and your trail map (also, in my case, dog treats for the pups). 
4. snacks. nothing tastes better to me than a smooshed pb&j sandwich and some fresh fruit on the top of a mountain. i also like baby carrots and sugar snap peas for a quick and tasty source energy. 
5. a large waterbottle is super important. even on a cold day, you need to be drinking tons of water on hikes in order to avoid dehydration.
6. i'm obsessed with wool socks. they are wicking, warm, durable, and comfortable, not to mention come in tons of colors and patterns. 
7. base layers, like this one from lululemon are essential for keeping your body dry while you sweat. i love these because they have anti-stink properties and come in such pretty colors!
8. a solid pair of hiking boots will get you through the day without being miserable because your feet are sore. i prefer ones that go to the ankle for added support. 
9. a comfy pair of workout tights to stretch all the ways you move and keep you warm.

so there you have it! do you like hiking? how to you keep fashionable on the trail?

tunes for tuesday: first aid kit

first off, i'm obsessed with this video because it's set at joshua tree national park in california, which holds a lot of good memories for me and is probably the most unique place that i've ever been. additionally, i love the folky, country sound of the band First Aid Kit which surprisingly hails from sweden and not nashville... you'll see what i mean when you take a listen. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

september obsessions

at the moment i'm mostly drawn to accessories and interesting pieces for the home. little details totally pull a look (or a room!) together in a snap and these are the perfect balance of classic and quirky.

1. these adorable hoops look like little twigs!
2. Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume is a welcome change from my summertime scents: elegant and warm
3. wall-mounted, brass stag would be such a cool addition to a living space wall
4. mochacino: a sparkly, brown, autumnal nail color
5. the perfect everyday bag, love the size!
6. my obsession with amazing coffee table books continues
7. i am so in love with this beautiful Arthur Elgort print
8. the classic Michael Kors watch
9. little leather booties by Madewell... part of the fall uniform!