Friday, August 31, 2012

home again, home again

this is how peaceful i feel when i'm oceanside. it doesn't get better than salty water, sunshine, sand, and ocean air. (image via here)
well, i'm back! my little visit to the cape was a great, relaxing way to end a pretty awesome new england summer. below are some of my favorite moments that the iphone was able to capture ( i'd say it's about time to invest in a real camera, what do you think?!)
view on our walk to the beach//posing before dinner//a beautiful sunset//beach essentials: a good book, sunscreen, and a hat//view of sailboats in the harbor//sunning myself//quality time with my yiayia//sister looking bronzed//beautiful lighting right before sunset

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tunes for tuesday: vampire weekend

 i love vampire weekend's hipster indie-rock sound, and this oldie but goodie, 'cape cod kwassa kwassa' has the perfect sound (and title!) for my drive down to the cape.

Monday, August 27, 2012

packing list: cape cod

this week, i'm headed down to the cape to see family and splash around in the ocean before completely bidding farewell to summer 2012. packing for seaside vacations tends to be a little overwhelming, so to simplify, i try to pack with a strong color scheme and things to layer or mix and match. for this cape trip, i decided to stick with nautical navy and white, and if i could pack my dream suitcase, these necessities would definitely be in it.

my favorite chambray is perfectly oversized and acts as a beach coverup or casual layering piece// acqua di gioia is a light, summery fragrance--great for the beach// at least two swimsuits (how cool is this one piece? i love the unique cutouts. and i've been coveting this Miu Miu bikini all summer long)// a straw fedora to help with sun protection// a comfy tank is easy to throw on after a day in the sun// monogrammed necklace is simple perfection for casual vacation jewelry// striped linen shorts// Jack Rogers sandals// the best diary: answer short, interesting questions to sum up your day// luggage to die for
of course, don't forget to pack sunscreen!! do you have any beach essentials you don't leave on vacation without?

Friday, August 24, 2012

sitting, waiting, wishing...for more runway fashion.

in my anticipation for the upcoming fashion week, i like going back through and re-watching runway shows from earlier months. i have to say, the resort 2013 collection by Oscar de la Renta is still one of my favorites from this year. something about the beautiful details, tulle, sophisticated gingham, layered prints, and refined sparkle, makes me want to keep this runway presentation on repeat. it is so attractive to me when runway pieces are not only works of art, but wearable clothing. 

how cute is that blue gingham dress! i can't get enough of this whimsical and girly collection... sigh. are you all as excited as i am for the upcoming new york fashion week?!

all images via Vogue

Thursday, August 23, 2012

today was a day

image via here
i have to admit, i'm just having one of those days. it was neither good nor bad, just full of small annoyances (my alarm didn't go off this morning and i got pulled over driving to work (just a warning though!)) at this point, i kind of want to just curl up with a good book and a cozy sweater and be by myself.

chunky knit// supersoft scarf// cozy leggings// a book i'll never get sick of// beautiful suede booties

sometimes, a little bit of alone time is all i need to recharge... and guess what? the weekend is just around the corner!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


this time of year will forever remind me of the back-to-school transition: a new year, new teachers, new classes, new clothes.  the crisp and cool nights, leaves starting to change color (yes, i saw it already!), and the appearance of fall sweaters makes me realize that i must say au revoir to a glorious summer and welcome in a fresh, new season. however, i'm also faced with the fact that it's still summer weather half the time and doing a 180 from sundresses to wool sweaters just doesn't work.

so behold! transitional pieces that will make the hello/goodbye fashion conundrum much easier to navigate:

J. Crew's silky blouse is the perfect summery sea color that keeps the look feminine and soft, while still being able to hold it's own later under a structured blazer or military jacket. these lovely blue floral pants keep with the summer trend of 2012, without all the bright pinky hues of summertime florals. a black leather bag, such as tano's, allows you to bring along extra layers as well as grounding the outfit in a dark way appropriate for the cooler season. black, high-heeled booties are a great indication that sandal season is over, while dark sunnies are a cool way to protect your eyes. musky, as opposed to floral scents, such as 'eau de noho' by Bond No. 9, make for great fall perfumes, and a taupe nail polish is a welcome change from summers brights. 

what pieces do you rely on for the start of fall transition?

Monday, August 20, 2012

tunes for tuesday: chiddy bang

my musical tastes vary a lot, and lately, what's been playing through my headphones the most has been music that i tend to run to in the morning. chiddy bang's music is a fresh, upbeat, hip-hop/alternative fusion that pumps me up enough to blast through a workout before 8am.  'talking to myself' is definitely my favorite track from their 2012 album 'breakfast.' try not to groove around to this song when you hear it!

kitchen quirks: apartment edition

kitchens are my favorite rooms in houses, and notoriously the place where people spend the bulk of their time. unfortunately for the younger crowd, funds to furnish a beautiful  kitchen are a far reach, so, more often than not, apartment kitchens remain completely utilitarian and not at all welcoming. the boyfriend and i have moving on the brain, and of course all i seem to be paying attention to these days are little details that can make a new apartment feel like a home. when renting, obviously major design elements such as layout and the cabinetry are out of your control, but unique kitchenware and artwork can make the place completely yours. 
a kitchen chalkboard is an easy way to coordinate schedule, write lists, and announce that this apartment is your home. create your chalkboard in a separate picture frame using chalkboard paint so that you can easily move it and so that you don't damage the landlord's walls. (image via here)

these jonathan adler s&p shakers have been on my wishlist for a while now. i love how he makes something that i would normally want to hide in my cupboard a lovely piece of art to be displayed.

adorable farmer's market baskets from anthropologie that can be used to display fresh fruit or simply to hold kitchen knick-knacks in a unique way. these would add the perfect pop of color to a countertop or as a practical centerpiece on your table.

monogrammed mugs, also from anthropologie, personalize any apartment kitchen.  how cute  would the 'g' and 'v' look together?!

candy striped paper straws, available on amazon, are a colorful decoration when displayed in glass jars, or even old milk bottles! (image via here)
these prints of andy warhol's are whimsical and look great framed individually or when displayed as a set. all of the prints are available from here with framing options available.

i think the best part about these cute home accessories is that they are all priced under $50! so making your apartment kitchen feel like home is feasible after all! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

inspired by: hitchcock presents...

this time of year i always keep on the lookout for pieces to help make the transition from the hot hazy days of summer to cool autumn afternoons. this editorial in Glamour UK is all elegance with 50's inspired jackets and skirts, paired with luxe coats to make the cooler days headed our way a little more manageable.

i love the rich fabrics used: cashmeres, silks, felt, and lace. i hate to say it, but i might even be looking forward to cooler temps this year!

//images via here//

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

tunes for tuesday: terraplane sun

here ya go, some beachy californian sun sounds from terraplane sun to make you smile on this fairly gloomy new england morning. let's head to the beach, shall we?

Monday, August 13, 2012

august obsessions

aaaaaaaaah, perfection... 

1. alice + olivia ethereal dress (on sale!)
2. a delicate gold and diamond ring
3. bright jet-set coasters, to use for displaying favorite baubles
4. Diptyque candle for the perfectly scented home
5. clutch that pretends to be my favorite novel
6. NARS 'roman holiday' lipstick, mine's almost run out!
7. grown-up jellies, just for fun
8. coffee table book with the work of one of my favorite photographers

Friday, August 10, 2012

joie de vivre: garance dore for kate spade

okay, imagine my pleasure when one of my favorite designers, Kate Spade, partnered with one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Garance DorĂ©, to create a fun end-of-summer/start-of-fall collection of handbags, apparel, and accessories. i pretty much squealed. the colors are perfect for the upcoming autumn transition, and the french influence of Garance can be seen in other KS products, such as eiffel tower earrings and a tee that states: 'pardon my french.' i love how Kate Spade always manages to balance a youthful exuberance with classic design aesthetics and Garance's signature sketch and illustration style is the perfect representation of this. 
all products can be found on the Kate Spade website

of the Garance/KS collaboration, i'm especially coveting the coral bangle, which reads 'toutes les filles sont folles' (all the girls are crazy). have you gotten a chance to peruse the collection yet? what do you think of it?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

inspired by: white on white

today, i was going back through pins on my pinterest as a way to gauge styles and trends that have been appealing to me lately. i was not surprised to see many of my pins of white on white, on both my interior decorating and personal style boards. i often wear creamy whites, oatmeals, and beiges as my go-to neutral color: i find it to be much softer with my skin tone than black. below, i posted some of my favorite white on white inspiration on my pinboard. 

*image sources available on my pinterest

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

playful patterns

pattern mixing is a difficult endeavor, and i've struck out a few more times than i'm willing to admit trying to make it work getting dressed in the morning. over time, i've found that repeating colors and pattern themes makes styling a mixed-up outfit a much more manageable task. 

cute litte flower posts/ gorgeous statement necklace by J. Crew/ my obsession with sparkling sequin tees continues/ Kate Spade in bright mint/ DVF embroidered silk pants (although i am totally coveting these Madewell jeans which would make this look much more casual)/golden penny loafers complete the outfit

here, i repeated the floral pattern of the pants in both the necklace and earrings, enhanced the orange detail in the necklace with bright pop earrings, heightened the shimmer effect of the sequin shirt with gold accents on the necklace and shoes.  

what are some techniques you use to create fun and playful pattern mixing without overwhelming your image? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

tunes for tuesday: of monsters and men

of monsters and men is one of those bands that can have a killer radio hit and an album to back that hit up. i've had 'little talks' playing over and over for months, but i recently started to listen to the rest of the album and have to say, i'm not sure what my favorite of monsters and men song is anymore.  what do you think?


Monday, August 6, 2012

crystal clear

being in my early 20's, i sense a lot of tiny apartments coming up in my near future, so recently, i've been keeping an eye out for small space solutions and decorating tips that will make a little apartment feel less cluttered and crowded 

clear acrylic, leucite, and glass furniture are visually light in a small space: they don't have the heavy, shrinking effect that dark wooden furniture might have. i love the bright, modern look these pieces add to a room, and i particularly like when clear furniture is mixed in with rustic and more classic design elements. 

how do you feel about clear furniture? have you utilized it in a small space you were decorating?

images via 1/2/3/4/5/6

Friday, August 3, 2012

going for gold

i happen to have a huge olympic obsession, and london 2012 is the only thing i've been watching since the opening ceremonies last week. most exciting for me was watching the USA women's gymnastic team win team gold for the first time since the 1996 games. 
image via here
with all the gold medals our olympic teams are racking up, it's only fitting to post some awesome golden pieces to add some sparkle to your wardrobe (how incredible are those shoes?! i also love the sporty golden whistle: a super quirky cute nod to the olympics). what's been the most exciting olympic moment for you thus far?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

tunes for tuesday (on thursday): mayer hawthorne

because this week has been all kinds of busy, t4t has moved to thursday for the time being. i hope the fact that this week's musical obsession is a super catchy breakup song will help you to forgive my posting tardiness. mayer hawthorne is my modern motown (with a twist) addiction, and hopefully he will be yours too. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

girls gone wild (sort of)

view from the summit

for the past couple days a group of girlfriends and i went on a camping adventure in the adirondacks. we hiked one of the 46 high peaks, wright mountain, which had stunning views and was totally worth the sweat. i consumed about 6,000 s'mores, laughed until i cried, and saw some of the prettiest sights around. all in all it was a fantastic trip.
lake views/girls on the hike/demonstrating how small we are/my sister showing off her wood carrying skills/view from the summit/ trees in the evening (i loved the silhouette!)/ cheers to a great day/ drying our boots by the fire/ a really cool tree by another lake/ clouds... a heart? a butterfly?/ our favorite berry place, Charlotte Berry Farm/ sunflower fields