Monday, August 20, 2012

kitchen quirks: apartment edition

kitchens are my favorite rooms in houses, and notoriously the place where people spend the bulk of their time. unfortunately for the younger crowd, funds to furnish a beautiful  kitchen are a far reach, so, more often than not, apartment kitchens remain completely utilitarian and not at all welcoming. the boyfriend and i have moving on the brain, and of course all i seem to be paying attention to these days are little details that can make a new apartment feel like a home. when renting, obviously major design elements such as layout and the cabinetry are out of your control, but unique kitchenware and artwork can make the place completely yours. 
a kitchen chalkboard is an easy way to coordinate schedule, write lists, and announce that this apartment is your home. create your chalkboard in a separate picture frame using chalkboard paint so that you can easily move it and so that you don't damage the landlord's walls. (image via here)

these jonathan adler s&p shakers have been on my wishlist for a while now. i love how he makes something that i would normally want to hide in my cupboard a lovely piece of art to be displayed.

adorable farmer's market baskets from anthropologie that can be used to display fresh fruit or simply to hold kitchen knick-knacks in a unique way. these would add the perfect pop of color to a countertop or as a practical centerpiece on your table.

monogrammed mugs, also from anthropologie, personalize any apartment kitchen.  how cute  would the 'g' and 'v' look together?!

candy striped paper straws, available on amazon, are a colorful decoration when displayed in glass jars, or even old milk bottles! (image via here)
these prints of andy warhol's are whimsical and look great framed individually or when displayed as a set. all of the prints are available from here with framing options available.

i think the best part about these cute home accessories is that they are all priced under $50! so making your apartment kitchen feel like home is feasible after all! 

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