Monday, February 11, 2013

inspired by: kate spade, fall 2013

if you follow this blog at all, you'll know that i am a huge fan of Kate Spade's energetic designs and quirky catch-phrase campaigns (live colorfully, put a bow on it, eat cake for breakfast...etc, it's so deliciously girly i can't help but love it). the brand is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, complete with a zazzy inspirational book (think candy colors, bright pictures, playful language, and other such curiosities), and, i imagine in the spirit of KS, lots of sweets and lots of (#popfizzclink) champagne.
anyway, last week Kate Spade had their presentation for fall 2013 and it definitely didn't disappoint. styling, bows, and polka dots, oh my!
i absolutely love the way the models hair and makeup is styled, and can't get enough of the little details in this collection. the shoes? amazing. a feather jackets and lips sunnies? a doughnut sweatshirt? fantastic. did i mention the SHOES??? ok, i'm done. :)
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ps. i'm making some changes to CLV! i've started the move over to wordpress, so check it out there. also, hopefully making some design changes to the site soon. stay tuned!

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