Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the sexiest night on television

last night was the airing of the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, and i have to say, it's probably the show i look forward to most this time of year. completely over-the-top, glittery, and just plain sexy, i love every minute of it. this years' show didn't disappoint: the musical acts were good (i especially loved Bruno Mars and his band), the styling of each costume so elaborate and intricate that i poured over images of them after the show, and of course, the models looked phenomenal. the energy and attitude of the show is so fun it's infectious. my favorite part was the opening act of 'circus,' but i thought the pinball set for 'pink ball' was so cute, and 'angels in bloom' was so feminine and gorgeous it was a close runner up. 'silverscreen angels' was reminiscent of old hollywood glam, 'dangerous liasons' was decadent and oozing with sex appeal, and 'calendar girls' was pretty darn adorable.

above i picked my favorite looks from each act, and that was me seriously narrowing the list down. which are your favorites? do look forward to seeing the angels walk the glitter runway each year? and if you missed the show, you can catch a repeat of it tonight on CBS!

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