Monday, July 23, 2012

orange you glad

after a hot and humid weekend, i'm often craving tangy citrus flavors and lively pops of color to shake me out of my lazy state. orange and tangerine hues are the perfect accent to brighten up a room (in fact, 'tangerine tango' is Pantone's color of the year!), or to jazz up an otherwise average ensemble. so whether you are adorning your home or your body, taking a bite out of the orange trend is sure to juice up your look.
bright orange couch and details in the ottoman give focus to an otherwise neutral living space.
(image via here)
the armchair is a tangerine dream and the bookshelf pulls it all together.
(image via pinterest)
orange baubles to brighten a white tee/ frames to add color to your black and white photos/ beautiful floral fabric to make curtains or accent pillows/ side table for lamps and books/ print for your walls/ shocking satchel to boost your mood/ vibrant watch to act as arm candy/ delicate chair to prove bright does not always mean bold/practical sofa that makes a statement/ zebra pillow to pretend that everyday is safari day/summery polish for sassy fingers/a citrus-musk candle that your boyfriend won't hate/Pantone iPhone case because even your phone should get dressed up

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