Thursday, July 12, 2012

shelf it

in my humble opinion, the most important thing in a home is the collection of book housed within. of course, how you display your books is pretty important too.
the warm honey wood tones against the stark white wall is a biting contrast that really wakes this room up. i'm also loving the vintage chest coffee table.

shelves that take up an entire wall are pure inspiration to me. i love how this one is broken up with books turned horizontally and the gorgeous shells front and center.

the enclosed bookshelf is a way to keep things contained. the art pieces in this room are phenomenal as well. 

i adore this room. the rustic ladder is the perfect accent, not to mention that chair and PILLOW.

over the door and color coordinated-- makes the books the complete focal point of the room.

one of my favorite bookshelf displays, not only boasts that amazing bust, but darling art prints and matching peachy/coral tones.
i love this close up of other ornaments you can use to break up the monotony of a bookshelf: figurines and mementos of the places you've been.
curved wall... so awesome! also how great is that grey wall color?!

i love the bust on the sixth bookshelf, and the display of knick-knacks besides books also strikes my fancy. what's your favorite bookshelf design?

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