Monday, September 24, 2012

to-do lists

photo taken by my sister
this weekend marked the beginning of a new season officially, and with that, i feel it's appropriate to make a list of goals to accomplish in the upcoming months. i've always felt that fall time meant getting back to business and buckling down after the easy-going summer months have passed, and i've always been a little obsessed with making here goes!

-- read at least three books (i never seem to have enough time to read any more, and it's one of my favorite things!)
-- make time to send handwritten notes to friends and family who are far-flung across the states
-- take full advantage of the beautiful landscape of new england and continue to hike and camp on days off from work (even as it gets colder!)
-- run a half marathon in november (and train for it!)
--save more money!
--prepare for the big move to colorado by editing my possessions to only things i love, and keep looking for jobs out west!

do you set goals as the seasons change? what's on your list of things to do?

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