Tuesday, September 18, 2012

perfect pout

for the past few months (well, years really, but who's counting?), i've been trying to come up with a skin care/makeup routine that suits my problematic skin and doesn't take hours to get through. i've come to the point where i'm fairly satisfied with basics of my regime (save for a little bit of tweaking that needs to happen) and am trying to switch gears to the fun side of makeup. i've been experimenting more and more with lipsticks because i don't like the long process of putting on eye shadow, and frankly i think lipstick colors are just more playful and it's easier to make a statement with them. i found my favorite shades (all by NARS), but worry that sometimes lipstick looks too done up or heavy. Any suggestions for a girl new to the lipstick world? and how exactly do i get them to stay on my lips for more then an hour?!
i love how Roman Holiday and Red Lizard pop with my coloring, and Honolulu Honey and Belle de Jour are great for casual everyday wear, i've even been pairing them with NARS lip glosses for added depth.

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